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See what Dr. Drakken and Shego look like in Disney's live-action Kim Possible movie

The hit 2002 animated series Kim Possible is getting the live-action treatment in a new Disney Channel Original Movie — and every hero needs an archnemesis. Enter mad scientist Dr. Drakken (Todd Stashwick) and his sarcastic partner in crime, Shego (Taylor Ortega).
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Animated Kim Possible/Sadie Stanley as Kim Possible
Animated Kim Possible/Sadie Stanley as Kim Possible
“Shego is one of the funniest characters from the original show, but she’s also incredibly tough,” says co-director Adam B. Stein. “We had to find someone who could be hilarious and pull off the eye rolls and nail filing that Shego’s known for, while still being physically threatening.” Thank goodness for Ortega. “Todd’s really tall,” says Stein. “[In casting], Taylor was the only one who could push him around with just her presence.”
Stein and his co-director, Zach Lipovsky, ultimately decided to forgo animated Drakken’s signature blue skin in favor of creating a character that is more grounded and less, well, cartoony.
“It’s like he’s got a blue infection within,” Lipovsky says of the new Drakken. “It’s like some experiment or some dastardly plan went wrong years ago and now he’s got this side effect where he’s got a bluish hue.”
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Shego’s look also has an update: “When we looked at live-action versions of the original costume, it felt a bit like pajamas,” Stein says.
No sleeping on the job for these villains!
The live-action Kim Possible movie is expected in 2019.

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